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To All My Friends:

To all my friends near and far off, I'm tired.

The state of our world, our country, and our churches has left me with a bone-deep, heartbroken kind of tired.

I'm tired of our fights.

How can we pray for peace when we refuse to stop tearing and attacking each other over secondary, tertiary, or even nonary issues? We defend our favorite mountain and think we see everything when we've merely chosen the molehill that makes us feel safe.

I'm tired of our family tantrums and doctrinal squabbles.

How can we expect peace in the world when we don't even have peace in the family? Jesus wasn't a Baptist, a Methodist, or any denomination or philosophy. He was a rebel, a deliverer, a healer, and a charismatic leader. He drew people to him because he radiated love. Even when he confronted judgmental hate he radiated love.

I'm tired of people holding so tightly to their right to be offended that everything offends.

I'm tired of our theological mud-slinging and heresy-hunting.

Agreement isn't the goal. Unity is. Disagreement doesn't equal heresy, blasphemy, or a make someone a false prophet. Maybe they know things you don't, realize things you haven't, and have to stretch for something you don't even know is available. Heresy is not an accident or a mistake. Heresy is the intentional misleading of someone to control, intimidate, or separate. Heresy destroys unity and defines separation as protection. It isn't.

Be careful. Someone you love might be the beautiful by-product (the fruit) of those you love to hate.

I'm tired of people letting fear make God small, containable, and easily analyzed. He isn't containable. He will do what he pleases and knows no limits when it come to showing his love. He will break the very rules he established and defy your ideas of "proper and beneficial." Just when you think you've figured him out, he will change the rules and come for you in ways you can only dream of and hope for.

I'm tired of people throwing blankets on the fire of the Spirit. Why are you so scared? That fear comes from somewhere. Trace it back to it's roots and tell it go to hell. Why do you think he's like your crazy drunk uncle when he is actually the Comforter, Teacher, and Deliverer? He won't defy your wishes or violate your freewill, but if you give him permission he will show himself to you in ways that defy logic and reason.

And it will be beautiful!

I'm tired of people asking questions only to identify so they can sort those who hold different opinions.

Unity starts with looking each other in the eye and having a conversation about what hangs in the air. Then deciding to honor, respect, and love those people whether you come to an agreement or not.

I'm tired of people portraying Jesus as a passive wimp.

Jesus is no wimp. He's the Lion of Judah.

He's no tyrant. He's the Lover of Your Soul.

He's not a fairy tale nanny or a gatekeeper.

He's the Way,

the Truth,

the Life,

the Waymaker,

the Gate.

I'm tired of people claiming The Narrow Way is designed to keep people out.

The path is narrow because Jesus is the only way to the Father, but there are infinite ways to find Jesus. He comes to us in dreams, songs, nature, and baby smiles. The way into his Kingdom is narrow, but once we're in, it's deep, wide, rich, and ever-expanding.

I'm tired of the arrogance of leaders who scoff at other Jesus followers.

I'm tired of the snipers firing away when they have no clue who they are shooting. The carnage they bring on themselves and others is heartbreaking.

I'm tired of our fights over how The Spirit manifests.

I'm tired of choosing safety over the Spirit because we don't trust our discernment.

Jesus offers us unparalleled freedom, so certainly, he has the power to clean up the messes.

He came to give us life abundantly, so there will be spillovers.

He can handle it.

I'm sick of the hall monitors who think they have the right to tell me and others:

  • What music is worship music.

I'm tired of people saying someone's worship isn't worship, that the song they wrote from a heart of surrender and devotion isn't an acceptable offering.

  • What bible translation to read.

I'm tired of people saying this or that Bible translation is the only true one. Relax. God doesn't speak in antiquated English. He speaks to us in the language of our hearts so we can understand. Don't expect him to sound like Shakespeare.

  • What teacher to listen to.

You don't have to agree with everything a teacher/preacher says. Learn to keep what is good and discard the rest. That is discernment.

  • What gifts are welcome.

Every gift of The Spirit is good and necessary for the instruction and improvement of God's people. The long-term fruit they produce reveals their merit NOT how uncomfortable they make you feel.

Stop trying to tame the Lion of Judah! He's wild and unpredictable and worthy of our devotion.

  • What to read.

To repeat, eat the meat and spit out the bones. And meat always has bones— at least the best meat does.

  • What to eat, drink, wear, or (insert your pet peeve here).

When we judge people by their outside alone, we disregard their journey. The only measure of others is the fruit showing in their life. You can't see fruit from 20,000 feet in the air. If you aren't up close and personal, you aren't in a position to know.

I'm so tired of everyone deciding they have the right to judge.

That judgment might splash back on you in the same form you sent it out and leave a wound deeper than the ones you're inflicting. And don't think you aren't hurting others. You are!

Stop it. Stop it now.

I'm tired.

It's a bone-deep, heartbroken kind of tired.

I'll recover. I'll look for my healing. I'll recommit to my calling. I'll recalibrate.

I'll watch for the ones who will bring me hope and silence the ones who try to tame the Lion who roars for my affection.

Until then, peace, my friends. Peace.



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He really is better than we can hope, dream, imagine, or pray. 

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