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I’m not your white bread Jesus,

made from your model,

made in your image.

You wash out my nutrients,

bleach out my color.

Make me look more like

your twin brother.

You strip me down.

Take away my crown.

Turn me into a lecturer.

Study me like a professor.

But what I want is to be 

Your friend.

You process out 

the grit I’m about,

Damper my divinity 

through your 

shroud of doubt.

My name is Holy, 

Perfect is my name.

I lived as you live 

and I relate to your pain.

I did it so I can be

Your friend.

Stop keeping me small,

Displayed under glass.

I’m not afraid of

your mistakes,

Afraid of your past. 

Don’t try to sand smooth

what The Living Word says.

Don’t make my sword soft,

Dull my sharp edge. 

I’m gentle and holy and  

Your fierce friend. 

I’m love and division.

I’m compassion and offense.

I feel what you feel

but My name will mend.

Don’t blur the focus on the

confrontation I birthed,

when I defied the dark powers

and their motives unearthed.

Make no mistake,

I’m no white bread Jesus.

I’m power and passion,

grit and fire. 

I'm much more than you

know, want, or desire.

I’m all and everything 

my father pleases.

But I’ll never be your 

white bread Jesus.




Hello! I'm glad you're here.

I hope my words saturate your life with God’s goodness.

I pray they express the new joy I’ve found in my friend, Jesus and the trustworthy companionship of the Holy spirit.


He really is better than we can hope, dream, imagine, or pray. 

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come to you.

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