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Words Create Worlds

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Living In The Goodness Of God

DWELL: Living In The Goodness of God crafts a compelling and enticing portrait of God's infinite love that will pull you closer to our Good Father. Angie's creative writings, carefully crafted prose, and fresh perspectives will persuade you that God is near and joyfully invested in his people.

You will explore:

  • the unchanging nature, unparalleled love, and unmatched goodness of God

  • Jesus as the exact representation of God’s goodness

  • how to recognize the voice of Holy Spirit speaking

  • and so much more​

Timeless wisdom and thought-provoking insights invite you to cultivate a deep awareness of the One Who Loves You Most.​

Angie skillfully communicates and challenges you to believe there is no better place to be than smack dab in the middle of God's good plans for your life.

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DEEPER: Personally Encounter God As Your Good Father delivers a fresh look at Matthew 6:9-13. You will discover the rich truths layered beneath Jesus’s simple words as you:

  • See God as your Good Father

  • Live with an awareness of God’s Kingdom

  • Pray risky prayers that lean on Heaven's promises 

  • Delight in Jesus’s provision

  • Recognize the authority gifted us through Jesus

DEEPER: Personally Encounter God As Your Good Father will invite you to experience the Father’s heart and kindness. You will become sensitized to Holy Spirit’s voice, recognize God’s kind intentions, and cherish the price Jesus paid to make this mysterious relationship with us available.

You are hungry for more, and our Good Father offers greater than your highest prayers, deepest desires, loftiest hopes, and wildest dreams.

Encounter God As Your Good Father

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100 Days of Gratitude

100 DAYS OF GRATITUDE - A Guided Journal will help you see the beautiful gifts that surround you. 
The habit of gratitude has been shown to reduce stress, improve cognitive ability, increase empathy and compassion, and multiply joy.
Use it yourself, buy multiples to do with family or friends, or gift it someone going through a rough time. Gratitude is the gift that costs us nothing but gives us the world.

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